Looking For Spring

By this time we are all wondering when spring is going to arrive because with it snowing almost every week even nature is confused. I'm assuming it will show up as my friend at work keeps reminding me and yes we have seen little peeks of it. However, it has yet to really stick around like it normally does around this time.  That only supports the theory that global warming is a real thing. (Despite the fact that the president and his administration refuse to believe it).

In the meantime until spring decides to show up for more then a day we can all dream! I know I will :)


Macy's Flower Show

Almost like a fantasy the flowers that sprung around,
Deeps colors of pink, orange, blue, each scented with hints of spring,
While they are blossoming winter fades in the mind,
These two seasons daughters of Father Time.

At odds spring and winter
Like siblings in a heated battle,
Fighting to rule the air,
As coldness doesn't want to leave.

We question when will it arrive,
No one knows as i
n the distance we smell it,
Chasing after each petal,
Longing for spring a symbol o
f renewal, 
Rebirth, the time for new things,

But is it ever really happening?.....